We at Local Home Appliance are an environmentally conservative company. Beyond providing professional service, we do our best to protect the environment. Here are a few things we have implemented over the years;

– We do our best to repair, rather than replace, parts whenever possible, especially expensive electronic control boards. This saves money and reduces toxic chemical build-up in our landfills.

– We use energy efficient service vehicles. We use vehicles with smaller engine options for better mileage and lower repair costs. We, also, look toward repairing our vehicles rather than replacing them as they age. We typically use a vehicle for 250,000 miles or more!  Along those lines, we are also involved with electric vehicle research and development. Lastly, when our service vehicles are finally replaced, the old vehicles are not disposed of. They are repaired or rebuilt and donated to needy families in our area. This fills a need in their lives and eliminates tons of debris that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

– We are proponents of energy efficient front-load washers. Front loaders are low water consumption and low energy consumption machines. Not only do we service them, we wash all our uniforms in a front load washer!

– Whenever possible, we recycle old parts that are replaced. For instance, electric motors are sent to reclamation companies to remove copper and steel for reuse.

– We continually evaluate our company in an effort to reduce waste, both material and financial.

– We promote healthy, environmentally safe products to our customers (detergents, and additives).

– We are strong advocates to reducing detergent consumption. We actively give information to our customers with tips on how to achieve top performance from their appliances with minimal detergent, additives, and any other consumables.

We are all responsible for the world around us. Let us work together to reduce waste, save money, and give back to the community whenever possible.